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Make Your Google Translate Sing to You. Photo Credit: Comicbase

Google is a veritable treasure trove of cute games and neat little tricks. For a quick taste, try searching for the word askew or Googling Chuck Norris. The engineers over in Mountain View sure know how to keep themselves and their users entertained.

Recently, a number of Japanese bloggers and Mashable, pointed out another surprise, this time on Google Translate. It’s not programmed into Google’s code, rather, it rests on the way “dot” is pronounced in Japanese - dotto.

Plug in a series of periods in English, choose the “Japanese to English” setting, and then select “Listen,” you’ll be rewarded with a half-soothing, half-creepy rhythmic tune.

Mashable even managed to construct a special, Google-generated song. Give it a listen or create your own on Google Translate.

For more surprises, try your hand at some e-beatboxing or searching for “tilt.”

Nandita Raghuram is a staff writer for the Miles Away blog.

(H/t: Mashable)

(Photo Credit: Comicbase)  
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