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Top five mysterious places in the U.S.
Coral Castle

The first week of October is drawing to a close as we inch toward Halloween, the weirdest holiday known to mankind. In just a few weeks, adults will play dress-up, children will be allowed to take candy from strangers, and pumpkin sales will go through the roof. To put you in the mood for this topsy-turvy celebration, we’ve compiled a list of some of the strangest and most mysterious places in the United States. Here they are:


The Paulding Lights (Paulding, Ontonagon County, Michigan): Just about every night in Paulding, Michigan, mysterious lights hover and dance just above the horizon. Urban legends surrounding these lights and the frequency with which they appear draw large crowds to this otherwise quiet Michigan town. So what’s the story behind this eerie phenomenon? Some claim that the lights are a ghostly apparition, the warning signal of a deceased brakeman who was killed on nearby train tracks. Others claim perfectly logical explanations such as swamp gas or far-off headlight reflections.


The source of intrigue and controversy for over four decades, the Paulding Lights officially remain unexplained. Rather than try to quell the mystery, the town of Paulding has embraced its ties to the supernatural. A sign has been posted marking the best spot from which to view the lights and many local shops sell light maps and memorabilia.


The Oregon Vortex (Gold Hill, Oregon): A place where the laws of physics seem merely voluntary, The Oregon Vortex has intrigued and perplexed visitors since the 1930s. Here balls roll uphill, brooms stand on end, and people seemingly shrink and grow at random.


So are these effects just clever optical illusions or is there something else at work here? Local legends tell of Native Americans shunning the area as “Forbidden Ground.” Could it be that they knew of a sinister force at work? Probably not. Still, whether it’s the work of a mysterious force or simply a series of man-made illusions, The Oregon Vortex will leave even the most skeptical visitors scratching their heads.


Sattva Sanctuary (Trout Lake, Oregon): A hotbed of supposed UFO activity, Sattva Sanctuary is a place where all sky watchers are welcome. The private ranch, owned by James Gilliland, is located at the base of Mt. Adams and is open to the public Monday through Thursday.


Over the years, there have been hundreds of reports of UFO activity at the ranch and several professional investigative teams have visited with interesting results. Whether or not you believe, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype. On a clear night the area offers unparalleled views of the night sky. It’s also been reported that the term “flying saucer” was first coined nearby by pilot Kenneth Arnold after he encountered a UFO.


Ringing Rocks Park (Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania): An 8-acre boulder field in the middle of this Pennsylvania state park exhibits some truly bizarre properties. Firstly, the position of these huge rocks high on a hillside has stumped scientists who can only theorize that glacial movements account for their unique position.  Secondly, the rocks appear to “ring” when they are struck with metal.


Scientists have determined that the rocks are formed from a volcanic substance known as diabase which, when struck, creates a series of tones that are inaudible to the human ear. However, when these tones interact with one another they result in a high pitched sound loud enough to be heard by most mammals. On summer days it’s not unusual to see dozens of visitors, hammers in hand, making the trek to the boulder field and test this mystery for themselves.


Coral Castle (Homestead, Florida): An enormous stone garden in southern Florida, Coral Castle has left thousands of visitors asking one question: how? Consisting of dozens of stone carvings, each one weighing over a thousand pounds, the garden is purported to be the work of just one man. Edward Leedskalnin, a Latvian immigrant who weighed just over 100 pounds himself, is said to have built the structures single-handedly as a tribute to his one true love. After being spurned by his fiancé the day before their wedding, Ed began work on the castle in 1923.


No one is quite sure how he was able to move, carve, and erect these enormous structures with such limited resources and no help. When asked by curious visitors, Ed would simply reply that he “knew the secrets of the ancient pyramids.” Was Ed somehow super-human? Did the power of love help him overcome physical shortcomings? Or did he indeed have help in completing this enormous project? No matter what the answers to these questions may be, the garden stands as an impressive and mysterious testament of human determination.  


Flickr: paulmichaels79uf


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