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  These CVBs are Twitter friendly


This week we’ve been doing a series on the travel companies that are the most effectively using Twitter. These have been judged solely on their interaction and use of the social media tool, and not the destination or the company itself. We end the series today by discussing the 10 most Twitter friendly tourism boards and convention and visitors bureaus. 


@VisitSavannah: There are many reasons we like Visit Savannah. The small riverfront town of Savannah is such a cool southern town as it is, but they make it so much more enticing by their use of Twitter. In their bio they put the Twitter handle of the person who tweets, so you know who you’re talking to. Also, you’ll find them tweeting and interacting with users on the most important travel days of the week, Saturday and Sunday.


@PureMichigan: Pure Michigan may just be the most well-known tourism company on Twitter. They are award winning for their use of Twitter. They tweet about all things Michigan, everything from local news to events to destinations. They are often interacting with residents and travelers and retweet posts and photos about Michigan from other users. 


@VisitPhilly: Visit Philly has a large following, with over 7,000 followers. Don’t let their large following deter you, as they often reply back to users that mention Philadelphia. They tweet about things beyond Philadelphia itself, to include the state of Pennsylvania as a whole.


@VisitMusicCity: The Visit Music City Twitter account is the go-to place for everything Nashville, being used primarily to promote local happenings. They often do giveaways, including two in the last week, one of which that was a trip for two to Nashville. Twitter users can often tweet them and get more specific information on events.


@VisitPA: Visit PA has been a leader on the social media space for a couple years. They are well known for their website and social media accounts that have been at the forefront of the web 2.0 age. They go the extra mile for guests and users. This was evident in a tweet this week in which they researched a trip for a traveler that was not even visiting Pennsylvania.


@VisitChicago: Visit Chicago has one of the largest followerships of any other tourism board on Twitter, at over 10,000 followers. You can often find them tweeting information, photos and articles from other users that are about Chicago and Illinois. Most of their tweets are retweets and replies to others.


@ColumbiaSC: Columbia SC tweets as much or more than any other CVB and tourism agency we found. They were also one of the few that we found that actively use Foursquare. Something we liked was that they are often asking for feedback or asking questions to promote interaction from other Twitter users.


@ScottsdaleAZ: Scottsdale takes travel content production to a new level by uploading photos and videos of Scottsdale to their Twitter profile. Users can talk to the tourism bureau and get answers to questions they have about the city. They also use Twitter to do giveaways for local events.


@VermontTourism: Vermont is one of the most beautiful states in America and the Vermont Twitter page uses social media to show the state’s beauty. They have really ramped up their use this fall, as September and October are two of the best months to visit to see the fall foliage. They have kept travelers in the know by doing daily foliage reports and uploading photos.


@VisitFlorida: Visit Florida has done a great job of using Twitter to leverage their overall social media use. For example, they’ll often tweet questions people have asked on their Facebook discussion board and ask users to respond to the person on Facebook. Their Twitter stream is a great place to go to get general information on making travel plans to Florida.



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