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A "Portlandia" Tour through Portland, Flickr: diebmxIf Portland already wasn't a quirky little city, the IFC show “Portlandia” certainly put it on the map. Set in Portland, this independent show is a satire-documentary styled show focusing on the city and its inhabitants. You can imagine fans of the show would love to see real life places from this funny show that is so well received.

Gilt Club: Face it; you were hooked on this show the moment Fred and Carrie ordered chicken in the pilot episode. This Old Town favorite is actually not just a place to laugh about, but a great place to eat. It's a swanky little place that truly comes alive and offers great dining in Portland. Their signature cocktails are also a hit, like the Moscow Mule or Tracy's First Love.

Voodoo Doughnut: Their slogan is: The Magic is in the hole and you couldn't agree more. While “Portlandia” characters were looking for clues, there's nothing but goodness to be found at this eclectic doughnut shop. There is the classic Voodoo Doll filled with raspberry jelly and stabbed with a pretzel stake. What about crazy varieties like The Loop- doughnut meets Fruit Loops or the Bacon Maple Bar with yes, deep fried American bacon.

Portland Esplanade: Who wouldn't get goose bumps when catching a view of the Portland Esplanade? While parts of the Dream of the 90s video were shot here in the pilot episode, Portlanders have been enjoying this scenic spot for years. It's filled with biking paths, trails and public art for everyone to enjoy on a sunny day. This truly gives you some of the best city views in Portland.

In Other Words: Hoping to enrich females through literature, art and education, In Other Words had no words when they were featured in episodes of “Portlandia.” This feminist bookstore and community center has become iconic to fans of the show. The actual place itself has great initiative towards feminist views and an interesting place to get new perspectives in Portland.

Irving Park:
For Carrie and Fred, a day at Irving Park rang true to many natives to Portland. For years, this outdoor movie park has been a quintessential part of Portland in the summertime. This park fills with a crowded and friendly audience gathering together to catch a nice flick. Note- you can head towards the top of the hill for a nice view of the crowds. When there aren't movies playing, you can simply enjoy sports and leisure at your own pace.

Create your own "Portlandia" reality spin-off and jump on a flight to Portland


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photo: diebmx

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