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Five Last Minute Easter Getaway Deals
Spend Easter with the 'Bunnies' in Vegas!

Easter may be only a few days, but there still are a few last minute travel deals available to break away from the daily grind. After all, this holiday is all about celebration, so why not reward yourself with a last minute trip? Check out a few of these great deals and destinations.

From the East Coast


Tampa offers a lot—especially for a weekend – that it’s an ideal getaway destination for both the family and solo traveler. If you’re looking for a real sunny getaway that’s less than a few hours via plane, then Tampa makes sense, in no small part because of its beaches (St. Pete’s Beach is consistently regarded as one of the top beaches in the country). The city also prides itself on being a foodie town, so you can find good Easter specials for brunch and dinner.

Fort Lauderdale:

Known as the “Venice of North America,” Fort Lauderdale is a great place to spend Easter because of the proximity to the water (this applies if you’re a beach buff, or also if you’re into yachting—it has an intricate canal system). The city is a major yachting center. And since it has a tropical rainforest climate, the Easter season gives you the best possible weather (around 80 degrees) to enjoy fun times.


Jetting on a plane for a long weekend to Aruba may not sound so feasible, but if you already live on the East Coast, note that a trip to this Caribbean island is only 4.5 hours from New York City! That’s not too bad of a commute, especially when you consider the fringe benefits: 86 degree weather all year round, over five sparkling beaches, and affordable accommodations at any price.

From the West Coast

Las Vegas:

There’s no better time than now to go to Vegas, and partly because of the true “bang for your buck fares.” If you live in major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or San Francisco, Las Vegas becomes a really affordable destination –even at the last minute. The trick is to save your spending money in affordable hotels and then splurge on restaurants and entertainment. After all, it’s only a long weekend!

San Francisco:

From the Union Street Spring Celebrations to the Easter Parade, the city of San Francisco offers visitors a lot of Easter options. Because it is a city with a population of over 800,000 (not to mention the incoming tourists), book brunch and dinner spots in advance.

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