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Amsterdam travel tips


Amsterdam travel tips


Call it the "Sin City"of Europe, many people are not aware of the diversity the capital of The Netherlands truly has. Often known as being a place to get legally stoned (Since marijuana is somewhat legal.), tourists need to be aware of the fascinating culture of the Dutch natives. Their presence is felt worldwide, but a visit to the capital is a must to understand its history and why it continues to be a major European tourist attraction.


Anne Frank Huis: One of the most tragic, yet prominent stories is that of Anne Frank; a wartime Jewish teenaged writer. The house where her family hid for two years is now a museum dedicated to her life story. It is well preserved with photographs and pieces from the wartime still in place. Being there gives a tourist a chilling understanding of such a tragic part of history, yet the museum truly honors and exemplifies her life.


Schreierstoren: Europe is known for having fascinating streets; impressive architecture and lovely scenery. At one point, Amsterdam had a medieval city wall; built in the 15th century. The Schreierstoren is part of this and also the location where Henry Hudson set sail to discover the Hudson River in Manhattan.


Canal Cruise: Amsterdam is also known for its gorgeous line of circular canals surrounding the city. What most people don't know is how they are used to treat people like VIP's. >From Winston Churchill, to the annual festivities of the Dutch, it is a fun honor to be on a canal cruise. Tourists can easily take a canal cruise to explore the city; the best way to be seen from this perspective.


The Heineken Experience: If there is one Dutch beer that is known worldwide, it would be Heineken Beer. Although the Dutch say there are better options, travelers seem to love Heineken. Located in Amsterdam, the first Heineken brewery in 1867 opened and remained at the location until 1988 when it moved to a larger facility outside of the city. The attraction has become one of Amsterdam's most popular activities; informing visitors about beer-making, the history of Heineken and the experience of enjoying the beer itself.


Queensday, April 30th: Who would have thought the biggest celebration in The Netherlands would be for a Queen's mother? Koninginnedag, or Queensday is a celebration of national unity and togetherness. It celebrates the birthday of Queen Juliana; the mother and predecessor of Queen Beatrix; current Dutch Queen. This is the day when every single Dutch person celebrates in the streets; especially in Amsterdam to drink, celebrate and give the world's biggest party for their Queen.


Bloemenmarkt: The Netherlands is home to the world's largest permanent display of tulips at the Keukenhof fields; located near Amsterdam. For a piece of the tulip experience in the city, check out the Bloemenmarkt; a marketplace of tulips and tuliup products. You can find any color, shape or sized tulips and have the opportunity to purchase bulbs to plant at home.


Vondelpark: There is nothing like a good walk in the park to experience wanderlust in a new city. Vondelpark is a public urban park where locals and tourists do exactly this. It attracts 10 million yearly visitors with open fields, an open air theater and lots of greenery to enjoy the fresh air.


Van Gogh Museum: Of the number of museums located in Amsterdam, a visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a must. Featuring the work of this famous Dutch painter and his contemporaries, it is home to the largest collection of his work. The building itself is a sight to see; located in the Museumplein district of Amsterdam where other museums and the famous I Amsterdam sign stands.


FEBO: If you're familiar with the automatic food machines in Japan, you'll smile when you see the FEBO machines in Amsterdam. Though they are located all over The Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam has 22 alone. It is a format of fast food serving Dutch fried treats and other snacks like French Fries and hamburgers. The name comes from a bakery named "Maison FEBO" after Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam where the founder was a baker.


Begijnhof: Historical buildings seem to be everywhere in Amsterdam; with pristine architecture that date back for centuries. Yet, the Begijnhof is one of the oldest inner courts of the city. Compiled of a group of historic buildings, it is also the site of the English Reformed Church. It features the tall Amsterdam style houses; typical of the city and The Netherlands. It also characterizes a convent; a religious place for those with connections to the church.

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