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The qualifying events for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest begin this weekend, April 26th, in Las Vegas at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino More...
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While you are visiting Hawaii, you absolutely must take the time to check out the tropical fish and plant species that frolic in the shallow, warm waters off the coast of Waikiki. My family recently visited with a lofty goal of getting our kids under the water. Here's a handy guide to the best ways to see the fish during your visit. More...
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I grew up taking road trips. My parents, who were not avid flyers, often packed myself, my brother and sister, our belongings, a few games, and a spirit of adventure to go explore our great nation by car. More...
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I've been on plenty of trips that I would rank as amazing while my husband or children would say that they had a pretty good time. Other times, my kids were in some sort of paradise, while as a parent I thought that the vacation was average or sometimes even sub-par. Finding a resort that caters to every member of your family is incredibly rare. Our recent stay at Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, was one of those rare gems where every member of our family experienced vacation bliss. Here's what we loved about the resort, broken down by age group and interests. More...
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As most of the country has braved an incredibly nasty, wet, and freezing winter, you might find yourself yearning for escape. Daydreaming of the perfect tropical island vacation may get you through an afternoon, but actually visiting one, can change your outlook on the entire year. My family decided to do just that and we embarked on an Oahu vacation. More...
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Scoring cheap deals on airfare is great, but when you start adding in baggage fees, the prices can start creeping up and up. In my family, baggage fees can get a bit crazy. Since there are five of us in all, even each person checking one bag can add hundreds of dollars to the total cost of a trip. As any good, frugal mom should do, I have instituted a "No Checked Luggage" policy for nearly all of my family's adventures. This month, I successfully packed all the belongings for myself and four girls (for a week!) in just one carry on. More...
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You see it at the airport all the time. Folks traveling with their kids, heading off to an exciting destination, lugging around a massive car seat or booster for their kids to use when they arrive at their destination. Recent changes to car seat laws have made it even more impractical for families to travel without excess baggage toting, since most states require kids to use boosters until the age of eight. Until recently, parents only had two options: to tote along their hefty boosters, or rent a booster from their car rental company, which despite the convenience, tends to come with a hefty price tag. Enter the Bubble Bum booster seat. More...
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Packing the perfect carry-on for your kids is a certain way to make any flight smoother. From toys, to coloring books, to digital games and iPads- what is necessary and what is a waste of time? For this article, I'll focus exclusively on what electronics to pack for your kids to keep your flight as sane as possible. More...
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Located within the city limits of San Diego, Torrey Pines Natural Reserve is a stretch of 2000 acres of land and seashore saved years ago by early San Diego residents. As the name suggests, it is home to the extremely rare Torrey pine tree, but also boasts stunning beaches, great hiking trails, and a lagoon used by migrating seabirds. More...
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