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April17, 2014
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The Most Adorable Summer Festival You Never Knew Existed

Cuteness EVERYWHERE.[More]
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Cuteness EVERYWHERE. More...
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Destination London: Traveling the Tube. More...
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When you think Puerto Rico, think Eco. When the island has just won the Caribbean Tourism Organization's Destination Stewardship Award for 2013 (Sustainable Tourism), it's outstanding to realize how perfect Puerto Rico is for Americans to visit. It's a close by US territory that uses the US Dollar (So you can travel without a passport) and is not only a stunning Caribbean island, but very ecofriendly. Get green with Puerto Rico with these fascinating places to visit. More...
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Yep, you heard us. Everything in this idyllic, verdant garden is poisonous. Aptly called the Poison Garden, it’s lush and green, with curling, shamrock-shaded vines and ferns the size of your leg. Don’t go in for a sniff though. Each one will cause symptoms like violent vomiting and disintegration of the kidneys, liver, and spleen. Ew. More...
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Views so gorgeous, you'll probably forget the primary reason you're here is to eat food. More...
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As a frequent traveler, there’s always something you’re going to forget. Whether it’s my Kindle, an iPhone charger or nude stockings, something manages to miss my suitcase. You don’t have to be a frequent traveler to have a Travel Kit ready; the best part is you can customize it to your liking! Use this Lifehack to make the perfect Last Minute Travel Kit designed by you! More...
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England. It's a land that's as celebrated as much for its pomp and circumstance as for its more subtle eccentricities. Those who know the English well are aware of their love of competition – whatever the contest. No matter how big, small if you can have a first … or a biggest … or a smallest of something, there's a good chance you'll find in England. Here's a look at few of the most interesting world record sites to visit in England. More...
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Remember how terrible sleepaway camp was? You spent all day making lanyards with children you hardly knew in the middle of a mosquito-laden forest in Michigan. I mean, does anyone even enjoy mandatory team sports? But add beer to it and suddenly it all becomes awesome. More...
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This is so much better than the beach. More...
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